Worthing's top 10 stories for February 2008

FEBRUARY has been another busy news month in Worthing.

The top 10 most-read stories on the Worthing Herald website in the last month have been:

READERS' PICTURES: Worthing's wood pile burns with VIDEO

Herald reader Jamie Stokes was the first person to send in photographs and a video of Worthing's blazing wood pile after it was torched during the early hours of Sunday, February 17.

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This was the months' most read story, and the tide of timber is still generating huge amounts of interest on the web, with much of the top 10 taken up by stories relating to the clean-up and the piles of planks.

After counting all wood stories in with the most popular story of the month, here are the rest of the most-read.

VIDEO: Police in fifth Lancing caf raid

A 'cannabis' caf in Freshbrook Road, Lancing, was raided by police working with bailiffs after the mortgage company went to seize possession of the building.

Bailiffs spent two hours knocking on the door to take possession before the police moved in.

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A last-minute payment meant the owners kept hold of the building.

VOTE: Worthing's new 70,000 artwork sparks controversy

The Suncloud sculpture created for Splash Point has had a mixed response from readers, with some happy to see a piece of interesting and interactive artwork in Worthing, while others wanted to see the 70,000 spent improving services in the town.

Man fires nailgun at police in 10-hour Durrington stand-off

The story of the Durrington siege online in the early hours of the morning as police tried to calm a distressed man armed with a nailgun, and updated once the siege ended.

The Herald's picture editor Mick Canning and chief reporter Chris Taylor worked late into the night to bring photographs and video to web readers.

Worthing's first lap dancing club on its way?

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Town centre club Liquid Lounge in Chatsworth Road, has applied for a licence to offer nudity and "erotic dancing" for its ground-floor Le Chic.

Fourth raid on Lancing 'cannabis' caf

The first of two raids taking place this month. Police carried out the raid after two people were arrested for possession of cannabis after being spotted leaving the cafe.

Speakers' Corner February 21-27, 2008

Being able to comment on stories is growing in popularity on the Herald's website, and now people can have their say on any subject with the weekly section Speakers' Corner, launched on February 21.

Three still in hospital after horror crash

Three pedestrians and a motorcyclist were seriously injured after a collision with a car in Littlehampton.

Two people remain in hospital.

BREAKING NEWS: A&E looks set to stay at Worthing

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After people spent months of campaigning to save Worthing and Southlands hospitals, it looks likely that Worthing will keep its A&E, but a shadow still hovers over the future of maternity services.

GALLERY: Worthing town centre lorry collapse

A concrete-pumping lorry tipped over at a building site in Crescent Road and rested on its long arm for three hours before being put right again.

The long pumping arm meant it looked as though a crane had toppled over.

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