Crawley Town boss on home and away form not aligning and where they are with the January Transfer Window

Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva GilbertCrawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva Gilbert
Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. Picture: Eva Gilbert
Scott Lindsey said it has been frustrating that his side can’t align their home and away form.

The Reds struggled to pick up points away from home at the start of the season, but over Christmas and at the start of the New Year they have won three out of four games on their travels at Colchester United, Gillingham and Bradford City.

But on the flipside their home results have taken a slight turn, losing three of the last four at the Broadfield Stadium (Mansfield, AFC Wimbledon and Salford City). And Lindsey knows what could have been if that form had aligned.

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"I suppose it is frustrating that they've not aligned,” he said. “I think it's frustrating when you drop points or lose games, whether it be home or away. But I think that it would be nice to get a run of form where we're picking up valuable points to put home and, of course, valuable points away from home as well at the same time and then all of a sudden you find yourself leap-frogging teams and getting yourself in the table where you need to be.

“Listen, we are still in a really good position, we have played some tough games and there are some tough games ahead as well but we are three points off the play-offs and we think we are still in a healthy position.”

And Lindsey revealed he will be looking in both the loan and permanent signing markets as he looks to boost the squad this transfer window.

We have already seen keeper Ryan Stanford join and defender Laurence Maguire extend his loan spell but Lindsey hinted there would be more to come. When asked will he be looking in both markets, he said: “That depends on what is available, really, and what deals we can get done. Like I said, there's a lot of moving parts just to try and sign one player. We are certainly looking at both markets but I am not going to try and predict what we are going to do because I don’t know.”

Reds travel to AFC Wimbledon tomorrow (Saturday).