‘Worst performance I’ve seen’ - Crawley Town boss furious after poor performance against Salford City

Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Crawley Town boss Scott Lindsey. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Scott Lindsey has described the 1-0 defeat to Salford City as his side’s worst performance since he has been in charge.

The only goal of the game had come from Kelly Nmai, who pounced on Crawley’s poor defending and slotted the ball away with 10 minutes left.

This scoreline flattered Crawley, who had Corey Addai to thank for keeping it only one goal, as Salford produced 35 shots, with 12 on target throughout the game.

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With Crawley’s home form being really good this season, this is an unexpected loss for The Reds, with their manager not happy. “Worst performance I’ve seen since I’ve been here,” Lindsey said after the game.

“Didn’t see it coming cause we’ve been in a good place, and when it’s not been pretty we still defended resiliently and worked hard and a good work ethic around us but today felt that we were waiting to get beat in the first half and second half we made poor decision after poor decision and a lack of quality.

“There’s top, top players out there who were not involved in the game.”

Lindsey went on and voiced his frustration on the quality of his team and the attitude they showed. “It was like we were trying to build, turn it over, they have a shot – try and build, turn it over, they have a shot and that was kind of like the pattern in the second half.

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“I did feel our attitudes, our will and our determination to really take the game by the scruff of its neck in the first half was not there to be seen.”

This was Salford’s first league win since October 24, and possibly their best performance of the season but Lindsey was not surprised by their performance.

“How they played is exactly how we thought they played, so we done the work on it, we prepped the team on it yesterday.”

One player who played well for Crawley was Corey Addai, who saved 11 shots and prevented it from being more whilst he also kept Crawley in the game. “It could have been 7/8-0 if it wasn’t for him,” said Lindsey.

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“He’s dug us out time and time again today and a goalkeeper in any team should never do that amount of work, so that’s disappointing for me but obviously pleasing for him for how well he’s done.”

Lindsey was not just disappointed with his players but with the fans as well, who voiced their anger throughout the game and even booed when the final whistle was blown.

The Crawley Town manager recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with the club and reminds the fans of how far they have come.

Lindsey said: “I’m a bit disappointed with a section of the fans booing today. I’ve had one or two arguments today with one or two fans, and you get the same old shouts ‘sort it out Lindsey.’

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“This time last year we were fighting and scrapping at the bottom of the league, we are now in touch of where we want to be, support the team.

“I am a passionate man, I don’t want to see my team booed, I want to see my team supported and I want everyone to be connected together, and it important we do it as a football club.”

Lindsey defended his players against the fans, as he said: “I’m the manager, I’ll take it, no problem at all, come for me not my players.”

The Reds next play AFC Wimbledon in South London on Saturday, with their next home game coming against Morecambe at the start of February.

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