Goodwood golf courses handed international recognition

Goodwood’s agronomy team have received an international sustainability certification for the estate’s two golf courses.

The Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) certification was awarded after the team successfully demonstrated its commitment to making sustainability a priority across the Park and Downs courses.

“We’re proud of our social and environmental contributions, which show that even simple actions can have a powerful impact for golf and the environment. We look forward to achieving more on our sustainability journey,” said Golf At Goodwood general manager Gary Beves.

The team’s application outlined its environmental projects, which included creating habitats and biodiversity along with the management of turfgrass.

The ninth hole on Goodwood's Downs course

Head Greenkeeper Rob Dyer said: “Being GEO certified is one of the ways we are showing our commitment to fostering nature, conserving resources, strengthening communities and taking climate action.

“We’re also taking steps to inspire golfers, staff and the wider community because we all have a part of play.”

Some of Goodwood’s sustainable golf highlights include a two-year experiment to stop flailing a natural tough area next to a woodland edge. As a result, 20 tree shoots - including beech, hawthorn and lime – came up.

The greenkeeping team removed reeds and weeds at the pond on the 17th hole to create a more diverse habitat.

Now the pond on the Downs Course has come to life with carps and tadpoles.