Comedy for mental health at the Brighton Fringe

Henry Churney – a stand-up comedian from Liverpool who works under the stage name Henry Churniavsky – heads to the Brighton Fringe with his new solo show, one with a crucial mental health message.

Henry Churney
Henry Churney

From June 7-13 he will be offering Lockdown Diaries 2020-2021…Any End?

“All my comedy is focussed on raising awareness and funds for mental health and especially in young people. I am working alongside YoungMinds, a charity which focuses on mental health for young people. There are personal reasons why I am doing this.”

Henry has had seven years of stand-up experience, performing all over the UK, New York, Florida, London and Amsterdam. His solo shows have been at Brighton Festival Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This latest show comes from a dark place.

“In summer of 2020 my best friend’s son, Oliver, just 21, attempted suicide and although alive he has irreversible brain damage, with no real chance of improvement. That same week, I heard about a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year old boy, Rory, who also attempted suicide. Both of them are thankfully back at home recovering. Oliver had connections with the mental health organisation YoungMinds, which does excellent work in helping young people with mental health issues. They were happy and willing to support me in my venture to help them help others. All proceeds go to the charity via Laugh For Life Comedy.”

Online at the Brighton Fringe from June 7-13.