Broadband in Worthing, Brighton and Hove: Zen Internet offers a contract price promise

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Households in Worthing, Brighton and Hove can now access the newest full fibre broadband at a fixed cost which will stay the same for the whole contract – no nasty surprises!

People in Worthing, Brighton and Hove are being offered a fixed price promise with Zen who is delivering a service with the newest, modern network provider CityFibre, as it continues to roll out the future of digital broadband across the country.

The price promise comes from Zen, the UK’s only Which? recommended provider for broadband which is providing full fibre broadband across the country over the new CityFibre infrastructure.

As the CityFibre network arrives in Worthing, Brighton and Hove bringing lightning-fast speeds and digital future-proofing to homes across the region, Zen Internet, has set out its price promise to customers after research revealed how frustrated clients are with mid-contract rises.


The online survey - conducted for Zen by market researcher Opinion Matters - revealed that monthly price, network speed and reliability were the three most important factors considered by people in the UK when they are choosing a broadband provider.

The research also showed that two fifths of adults experienced a mid-contract price rise within the last year, leaving them feeling angry, frustrated, and deceived.

That led many of them to feel they would likely consider a switch to another broadband provider.

Zen says that the findings come at a time when many other broadband providers will be increasing their customers’ monthly bills this Spring. This is due to the UK Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 4% plus an additional margin, usually of 3.9%.

Zen - which puts great emphasis on maintaining a people-centric business - now offers a contract price promise.

This means that when consumers from Worthing, Brighton and Hove signs a contract for a CityFibre connection with Zen, that price will remain the same for the duration of the contract.  

Zen’s service will provide homes in Worthing, Brighton and Hove with a faster and more reliable connection at a time when both - reliability and speed - are important when people are looking for a broadband provider.

Zen has committed to reach eight million homes - up to a third of the UK - through the CityFibre’s £4bn network.


The 2020s are the gold rush decade for full fibre

Strategy Director at Zen, David Barber, believes that the next few years will be pivotal for connectivity in the home.

He says that the 2020s will be deemed “the gold rush decade” as full fibre is implemented across the UK. By 2030, he believes, everyone will have switched to full fibre.

David Barber says that people in Worthing “can get ahead of the curve by accessing full fibre with Zen over CityFibre’s high quality infrastructure”.

He says that it is unfortunate that the broadband industry “has a poor reputation” for being transparent with communications and managing customer expectations.

Barber believes this may be because many broadband providers will tempt  customers with special offers. Those providers then go on to introduce mid-contract price rises.

In the current climate, this comes at a time when households “need to be able to plan their monthly spends” he says.

However, people in Worthing, Brighton and Hove can rest assured that with Zen’s contract price promise, there is a guarantee that monthly payments are fixed for the duration of a contract.

Future-proof a home’s connectivity requirements 

Broadband technology is steadily moving away from the traditional use of copper wires, which were fine for phone calls but slow down connectivity for today’s data demands.

Copper is now giving way to more reliable broadband via fibre optic cables. About 67% of the UK now has access to full fibre, with speeds of up to 900Mbps.

These networks can unlock the potential of a home’s smart devices and future-proof a home’s connectivity requirements.

Fibre optics allows the potential of any number of smart home applications to be unlocked, and to develop the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future.

Find out more about Zen near you

Zen has packages ranging from £28 a month for Full Fibre 100; and up to £40 a month for the fastest, Full Fibre 900. They come with free set-up.

Zen is now available to thousands of homes, with CityFibre rolling out across Worthing, Brighton and Hove.  

To check if Zen can be connected in your own home, or to follow updates, visit or call 01706 902 745.

The online independent research was carried out on behalf of Zen Internet by Opinion Matters in December 2023 across 2,004 UK adults (16+).




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