Rogue traders operating in Eastbourne, Polegate and Stone Cross

Police said they have received reports of rogue traders in the Stone Cross, Polegate and Eastbourne area.

Victims have been approached by workers saying trees or bushes need chopping down or garden work needs completing at the person’s address, according to officers.

A spokesperson from Sussex Police said, “This will generally be completed to a poor standard and they will demand payment for these services, and in some cases victims have been taken to banks or ATMs to withdraw money.

“Genuine workers will never turn up unannounced and demand payment for work you have not asked for.”

Sussex Police have warned residents about the scam

Police said those working for a local authority, such as a council, will not require payment for any work they complete.

Every year the British public loses billions of pounds to ‘fraudsters’, according to Sussex Police.

Officers have urged anyone who knows of similar incidents to report this to police either online, by calling 101 or by going to a nearby police station.