Why are the authorities not enforcing the law in Hastings?

From: Ray Norton, High Street, Hastings

illegal parking
illegal parking

In recent weeks in Hastings, I have observed that there are so many cases where the laws and byelaws are being flouted so brazenly, that it led me to wonder if we have a two stage law system these days?

For instance and this list is by no means not complete:

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• Using a disabled parking badge when you are not disabled and no one disabled has been anywhere near the car.

• Speeding at more than 20 up the High street, using it as a rat run.

• Driving down the pedestrian end of Courthouse Street and straight out the other end, especially taxis.

• Parking on a double yellow and on the kerb opposite the Jenny Lind.

• Using E-scooters on the road, pavement and cycle paths.

• Smoking in company liveried vehicles, or with children in the back.

• Children and adults not using seatbelts.

• Using a mobile or tablet while driving.

• Street drinkers in the Chess Square.

• Discarding cigarette butts.

• Smoking weed walking up the high street.

• Cyclists ignoring road signals including pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

I’ve spotted all of these less than 100 yards from home, and my point is that a law these days only appears to be regarded as a law if someone is actually enforcing it.

And the authorities are also pointing to others to be doing the enforcing, which itself is madness.

This country’s moral compass is broken, discarded and somewhere in a field in Malaysia, along with all of our recycling!

We always used to obey the law however many police were around, but these days people regard the flouting of the laws as their right, until they are penalised.

I’ve no idea how we can reverse this trend without a massive big brother approach, and in these days of cut backs despite being told that austerity is over, I can see no way that society will right itself?