Crawley Primary School Book Awards 2022: ‘Wonderful opportunity for our children to share their love of reading’

A Primary School in Crawley rolled out the red carpet (June 28) to celebrate its students’ achievements in reading.

Northgate Primary School recognised the hard work of their key stage two students by putting on an oscar inspired award ceremony for the students, who many of them have read all 18 books set by the librarian.

At the start of this year, the children in Key Stage Two were offered the chance to read a selection of 18 books selected by the school librarian to cover a range of different reading levels and genres, which reflect the diverse community of the school.

Throughout the year, the children read books in school and at home. All children involved have read two or more of the chosen books and many have managed to read all 18 books.

Northgate Primary School Book Awards 2022

The students had the chance to discuss the books with each other, with the librarian, and with teachers. Following this, the children created posters, trailers, reviews, and other activities to celebrate how much they have enjoyed the books on the award.

Authors were invited to talk to the children either in person or virtually. These included: AM Dassu, Samantha Baines, Helen Dennis, and Vashti Hardy.

Northgate Primary School Librarian, Dr Natasha Dunn, said: “The Book Awards has been a wonderful opportunity for our children to share their love of reading and to ensure that reading for pleasure is at the heart of our school community.”

The celebration allowed the community to come together through the love of reading.

Student with award

During the event, the children had the chance to showcase the trailers and posters they had created.

Red carpet for award ceremony
Students celebrate their achievements with teachers