Gatwick Airport ranked among Europe's ten worst airports for delays in July 2022, according to new data

Gatwick Airport has been named among the worst airports in Europe for delayed flights in July 2022, according to new data.

Newly released data from Hopper Inc, the Goldman-backed online travel agency whose roots are in aviation and big data, shows that Gatwick is one of the continents’ worst ten airports for delays this month.

Hopper Inc’s data is collected via Official Aviation Guide, a leading provider of digital flight information and analytics for airports, airlines, and travel tech companies, for the purpose of keeping customers informed about disruptions on their booked routes.

The figures, which reflect a three-day lag, are more current than any public data source.

Airports across Europe have faced huge queues following the removal of Covid travel restrictions. The pandemic is having a huge impact on airports in two ways.

In the short-term current levels of staff sickness are higher than normal but in the long term thousands of aviation professionals left the industry, taking with them everything from decades of experience to security clearance.

Gatwick announced the moderation of the airport’s rate of growth for July and August by forcing airlines to cancel 4,000 summer flights.

The airport said this action will allow airlines to fly and manage more predictable and reliable flight programmes for the rest of the peak school summer holiday period.

Gatwick has also been ‘temporarily moderating’ the number of summer flights from 900 flights a day to 825 in July and 850 in August, according to the BBC.

This is so ‘passengers experience a more reliable and better standard of service’, the airport added.

Here are the ten European airports that currently rank worst for delays in July 2022, according to Hopper Inc.

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