Ooberfuse return to Bexhill to support The Overtones

Ooberfuse head to Bexhill to support The Overtones at the De La Warr Pavilion on May 27.


It comes as the south-east London band release their new single which was recorded at the celebrated Abbey Road studios and produced by Ash Howes (Kylie, One Direction).

Songwriter and vocalist Cherrie Anderson explains: “Hal and I wrote it and really it is about when people are going through difficult times. You see someone that you love going through a hard time and you just want to be there for that person. You just think ‘come to me.’ We thought that was really quite apt having just come out of all the lockdowns and people grappling with mental health issues and the loneliness and now the world just opening up again.

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“We wrote it during the period of lockdown and we recorded it in the middle of our tour earlier this year. We recorded it at Abbey Road, and Abbey Road is just amazing. I got to use the same microphone that John Lennon recorded on. It is the kind of thing that you just can't really experience at any other studios. It was just amazing. There is such a huge atmosphere. It was a wonderful place to be.”

The current tour is 13 dates across two and a half weeks ending on June 7 in Newcastle: “Before that we toured in March with (M-People’s) Heather Small with dates including the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on March 18).

“We did 16 dates but because the dates were not consecutive the tour lasted about a month and we think it went very well. We were surprised how people received us and how kind everyone was. It was great to be out there.”

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