Town's menfolk are among the grumpiest in Britain

Men in Horsham are a bad-tempered lot - and that's official.

Map of the UK's most gumpy men SUS-160323-124517001
Map of the UK's most gumpy men SUS-160323-124517001

In fact a new survey has revealed that Victor Meldrew types would feel right at home in Horsham - because it’s among top towns with the UK’s grumpiest men.

A study looked at anonymous data from 250,000 men registered with dating site to see how strongly they agreed with the statement ‘I laugh often.’

These scores were then averaged out by area and as laughter is a sign of happiness, the towns with lowest scores determined where the grumpiest men in the UK live.

The results revealed that men in Spalding need cheering up the most - and men in Horsham were ranked as the UK’s 6th grumpiest.

Menup north were rated much cheerier than their counterparts down south with five of the towns with the grumpiest men in London.

The grumpiest top 10 in order are: Spalding, Greenford, Southall, Barking, Bridgwater, Horsham, Corby, Edgware, Rugby and Feltham.