Theresa May named the most notable person in East Sussex while Sean Connery makes the grade for Edinburgh: take a look at this new interactive map

A wonderful new interactive map is revealing the most notable people from cities, towns and villages around the world.

Theresa May has been named the most significant figure who was born in East Sussex, according to this extensive project created by Mapbox researcher and geographer Topi Tjukanov.

The detailed map is based on information that has been scraped from Wikipedia and Wikidata by researchers at Paris University.

A note on the map’s website, which can be viewed in full here, said: “Data has been processed to show only one person for each unique geographic location with the highest notability rank.”

Theresa May, who was born in Eastbourne, has been named the most notable person in East Sussex

The website said that the project was also inspired by People Map of the U.S by The Pudding.

Other top famous figures included in the project include Sean Connery who was born in Edinburgh, Barack Obama from Honolulu and Freddie Mercury from Zanzibar.

The map is free for anyone to use here.