Police target revellers

LOUD lager ladettes promoting "girl power" are approaching fire fighters and police officers offering telephone numbers and asking for pictures to show their friends, and it's not even 11pm yet.

Short skirts, low cut tops and unsteady feet mean police officers have to ask twice for them to keep the noise down and move out of the road.

According to one Worthing police officer this sort of behaviour, witnessed on Saturday night, has become common in the town.

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Sergeant Pete Darkin believes an increase in "heavy, binge drinking and bands such as the Spice Girls" have led to more rowdy behaviour from females

He said: "Groups of women have become louder and more intimidating to people than the men."

On Saturday police officers took alcohol off people, stopped them riding their bikes, throwing balls and stones and checked up on licensed premises.

Most people stopped knew the reason '“ Operation Resolve III.

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A night you would expect to be the busiest of the week proved to be quiet.

This may have been down to the police's multi-agency operation, due to no one having money, or people just deciding to stay at home. Whatever the reason was, Resolve has been hailed a success by police bosses.

Saturday night saw four arrests for public place violent crime, 27 bottles seized and 10 people stopped and checked.

Over the week-long operation there were 14 arrests for violent crime and 35 for other offences. Ninety bottles of alcohol were seized.

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Assistant chief constable Geoff Williams has been out as part of the operation on every night of the week.

He said, after spending a night out in Worthing: "I have been really enjoying it. We all joined the force as PCs on the beat and it's good to go back and learn how things are going at the moment and show some support for the PCs."