Work starts on new sports hall at Eastbourne school

Work has started on a new two-storey sports hall which is being built at an Eastbourne school.

The development at St Catherine’s College in Priory Road, which started on Monday, August 1, will see the construction of a four-court sports hall which will have a mezzanine level that will include fitness studios and changing facilities.

The college said it was built in 1958 for 500 students, but now welcomes more than 1,000.

Headteacher Solomon Berhane said, “It’s great that we have grown from 500 students, but our sports facilities haven’t grown with us.

L/R: Director at Directline Structures Limited Katy Barker, governors David Jeffries and Richard Holste, business manager Madeleine Maynard

"The school has been trying to get a sports hall for 20 years, so it is very exciting that the building work has started.”

In addition to providing the PE department and students with ‘first-class’ facilities, the sports hall will also be used for a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as trampolining, table tennis, netball and basketball.